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The BPM Council/International BPM Institute is a leading organization dedicated to meeting the needs of both individuals and enterprises that wish to understand and apply the concepts of Business Process Management and its component parts.

We created the original BPM Professional Certification Program and industry designation (P.BPM) to which major organizations send their key personnel for Professional Training and Certification.

If you are an individual who wants to get ahead, the BPM Council - Certification program in Business Process Management will give you a definite advantage in advancing your career.

Certified P.BPM Professionals are provided a worldwide forum and networking opportunity for the development, understanding and communication of the principles and disciplines of BPM.

Senior representatives from organizations in a wide array of product and service industries provide a unique forum for individuals wishing to understand and apply key strategic and tactical dimensions of BPM. Whether you're an individual and SME or multinational enterprise, you stand to benefit from your association with peers and like-minded professionals and business owners in the P.BPM Network.

This international business community deals in BPM’s relevant methodologies, processes, technologies and Best Practice tactical components.

We provide information, knowledge, business education and insight to members in areas which include:

  • the development of BPM strategies
  • business processes needed to customize products and services for mass audiences
  • the approaches to employ within a company to create and increase the focus on Business Process Management

Get your P.BPM Certification today and have a look at our other certification programs and join a network of BPM professionals to make contact and exchange knowledge about this exciting discipline that helps individuals and organizations move ahead.


Certification in Business Process Management (P.BPM)

We have certified P.BPM Graduates Worldwide

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Participation in our educational programs and networking activities can help you or your company or business unit in enterprise-wide BPM Visioning, gap analysis, implementation, training and knowledge transfer, on an enterprise wide basis.

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you will be joining a network of
P.BPM Professional Graduates worldwide


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"For the fortune 2000 companies, the quest to implement the best business process management (BPM) solution is becoming highly desirable — akin to acquiring the “holy grail” in any given industry. BPM promises to streamline internal and external business processes, eliminate redundancies, and increase automation." – IDC

"Enterprises that continue to hard-code all flow control, or insist on manual process steps and do not incorporate BPM’s benefits will lose out to competitors that adopt BPM." – Gartner